3 Tips For Your Better Lawn - MADE SIMPLE

Thursday, June 24, 2021   /   by Global Marketing

3 Tips For Your Better Lawn - MADE SIMPLE

Taking care of your lawn in the summer is tough enough. There's the baking sun, the choking humidity, mosquitos like bats, and gnats that blind you. On top of that, your grass gets parched and there are more weeds than grass. 

These 3 simple steps will get you on the path to a beautiful green lawn without a ton of blood, sweat, or tears - and you don't have to spend a fortune. Be sure to check the infographic down below, if you'd like a download of it, here's a link for you too!

STEP 1 - Declare War On Weeds

You read that correctly, you have to go to war and be ready to win, against weeds. You need to kill every weed so that your grass has room to grow. Weeds soak up water, nutrients, and sunlight that otherwise would be used by your grass. So in effect, weeds are stealing from you by robbing your grass of the much-needed elements for survival. So you owe to your grass to save it from the invasive weeds that are residing on your property. All you need is a weed killer - NOT A TOTAL  KILLER - but a weed killer that is safe for your lawn. They make several "selective post emergent weed killers" that will not harm your lawn. Let us translate this for you - there are weed killers for your lawn that selectively kill weeds and not your grass. So check your grass type, then check the label of the weed killer to see if your grass type is safe. The more weeds you kill, the more your grass can grow.

PRO-TIP - Bag your clippings. Yes, some people say the clippings biodegrade to help your lawn and clippings put nutrients back into the soil. That's all true. But do you know what happens when you don't bag the weeds? You sling the seeds all over your lawn. So if you're trying to kill weeds, bag your clippings.

STEP 2 - Water Your Lawn 

Your grass can't grow if it's baked to brown scorched dust. Think back to science class - all plants need water so if it hasn't rained, you probably need to water your lawn. Remember the term, photosynthesis? That can't happen in plants if they don't have water and in Alabama, if it isn't raining, it's hot. That heat robs your lawn of water which can stress your grass and dry it out. So if you want your lawn to be healthy, you're going to have to make sure it has a healthy amount of water.

PRO-TIP - To find out if you need to water your lawn, just point your finger and poke it down until you touch the dirt. If it's firm and dry, you need to water. If it's not dry or soft, you likely don't need to water. Most healthy lawns need water 2-4x a week. It's best to water your lawn early in the summer so you can capitalize on any dew that has settled (FREE WATER!) and as your grass is waking up the water and sunlight for the day are working together for your lawn.

STEP 3 - Feed Your Grass

You eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plants eat anytime it's sunny and they have water. But healthy plants have nutrients in the soil they absorb so they can grow and be healthier than ever. Those thick, lush, dark green lawns you see - they have the right balance of nutrients so that grass has what it needs to be healthy. If you've ever looked at a bag of fertilizer, you'll see some numbers in a sequence like this #-#-#. Lots of people put out 13-13-13 or 10-10-10 fertilizer because that's what their granddaddy did. Well, fertilizers have come a long way and you should find the best fertilizer for your grass type. That way you're not wasting money or fertilizer that your grass doesn't need.

PRO-TIP - Take a picture of your lawn, take a picture of your grass up close so you can see the blades of grass and drive to the Northport Farmer's Co-op. Show them the pics, they'll help you find the perfect fertilizer for your grass type (and the correct weed killer for your grass type). This way you get expert advice on your lawn so you can put down exactly what your type of grass needs.

So there you have it folks - 3 simple steps that will help your lawn flourish this summer. A little weed killer, a little water, and a little fertilizer go a long long way with a little bit of info. Remember, don't get the all-grass-all-weed killer - get something that's selective and safe for your grass type.

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