Five Staging Secrets to Sell Your Home

Wednesday, February 6, 2019   /   by Global Marketing

Five Staging Secrets to Sell Your Home

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Are you staged to sell? Staging your home makes a big difference to potential buyers. Here are five tips to make your home stand out.

1. Store personal items. It's best to keep personal items and photos tucked away. This allows a buyer to envision themselves in your house. If your house is appealing, it may lead to bigger price returns.

2. Minimize furniture. A great way to show off your spacious home is to store extra furniture pieces or rearrange living spaces. Less furniture or rearranged furniture can showcase your home's unique details and charm.

3. Avoid fragrant smells. It is a good idea to keep candles or fragrances neutral. Some buyers may not like a strong vanilla smell, while others may enjoy it. To keep your home open to all buyers, stick to neutral scents.

4. Show off storage spaces. Clean out closets and cabinets. Decluttering these spaces shows off your home's storage size and capacity.

5.  Invest in your home's curb appeal. This aspect of your home can make or break a home buyer's first impression. When you begin landscaping, choose elements to complement your home's style.

By Carol Ann Underwood