Global Beach Expert – Carla Ramsey - Global Homes Group - Keller Williams Tuscaloosa

Tuesday, October 6, 2020   /   by Global Marketing

Global Beach Expert – Carla Ramsey - Global Homes Group - Keller Williams Tuscaloosa

Global Beach Expert – Carla Ramsey


It’s pretty easy to assume that most everybody in Tuscaloosa County has been to the beach.

Or been at least, a beach, somewhere.

It could be Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Panama City, Pensacola, or maybe even 30-A (pinky, out of course). It could be the sandbar on the Black Warrior. Did you know Lake Lurleen has a beach? True story, look it up.

But did you know there is Global Beach Expert among us? Say hello to Carla Ramsey, currently a helpful real estate agent with our Global Homes Group team, but prior to joining us she has some absolutely amazing beach adventures.

First, let’s back up to where things began for Carla – she grew up right here in Northport graduating from Tuscaloosa County High School. She loved playing softball and doing gymnastics growing up where she attended Five Points Baptist Church. She realized she is great at connecting with people used that love to start a career in medical sales and on to restaurant equipment sales. Now she’s helping families find their next home and loving every second of it.

Along the way, she married her loving husband Gerald and they have a “Brady Bunch Family” with 4 boys! Sons Zach (18), Chase (15), Austin (9), and Tawan (7). This is where she utilizes her super-hero powers of herding humans!

(Imagine the grocery bill with 4 hungry boys!!! Pray for them!)

Speaking of food, if you ever eat Japanese around Tuscaloosa, there is a good chance you’ll find Carla and her family there! But did you know, Carla doesn’t like any of her food to touch on her plate?

She is not alone, we know some folks who quite literally use the old school lunch room trays at home to keep their food from touching! Carla isn’t quite that extreme and when asked how she eat at Hokkaido without her teriyaki chicken touching her rice, she exclaimed, “I just move my food around so it doesn’t touch.”

Well played Carla, well played indeed.

So that’s Carla, her family, her story that brought her to the Global Homes Group family and we are so glad to work with another agent that is from the area and loves helping families.

Now – the beaches.

Great beaches.

World-class beaches.

Not beaches with 20 story condos and 1,000 people stacked elbow-to-elbow under blue umbrellas.

Beaches where the water is bottled-water clear and there isn’t anything concrete around. Beaches where the nature in the tropical forests is the stuff of postcards and National Geographic.

The kinds of beaches we study in biology books. 

The kinds of beaches you need a passport to see.

She’s spent time on the most pristine beaches of Mexico where the water is perfectly clear but dark navy blue at the same time. The air is 90 degrees and the water is a chilly 70 degrees.


She’s gone to the most aqua water on the planet in Aruba. No tall condos around, just overlooking the Caribbean that is steps away.


She’s been to Key West, the most laid back place on the planet. Watched the sunrise in the east from the Atlantic and set into the Gulf of Mexico.


And her #1 beach, the beach she said everybody should visit before they die is in Costa Rica. She said those beaches have it all – the clear water, the sand, the gentle waves, the palm trees, the scenes that makes you want to stop and never come home. They’re not overdeveloped with concrete and parking lots – in Costa Rica you are steps from the water and steps from tropical rain forests full of lush flowers, exotic birds, and even monkeys. Not parking lots and streetlights.


It’s always good to ask a world traveler, “Of all the places you’ve been, where do you want to go back?”

For Carla, that answer is Thailand. Not Gulf Shores. Not Texas. Not Los Angeles.

Thailand – you know – southeast Asian country that many people say is, “Paradise On Earth.”

She said she wants to go back, not just because that’s from where she adopted her son Tawan, but also because the country is absolutely stunning and the culture is amazing. The beaches are the ones with skyscraper high mountains covered in green, right on bright blue water, with stunning beaches. Yes – the culture, the country, and of course – the beaches.


So there you have it Tuscaloosa and Northport folks, if you’re looking for info on a neighborhood or school zone for you and your family, Carla would love to do what she loves to do – help you find a new place to call home.

And if you want info on the world’s best beaches, just ask our Global Beach Expert!

Carla Ramsey
Global Homes Group - Keller Williams Tuscaloosa

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