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Monday, January 21, 2019   /   by Global Marketing

Global Homes Group Real Estate Blog

Why is it so hard to choose a realtor you may not personally know?

A little over a year ago, when the Global Homes Group of Keller Williams Tuscaloosa came into existence, it was initially hard to establish a name in which people could recognize. Of course, people knew the few realtors we had at the time, Jeremy Dobbs, Adam Beams, and Britt Payne, but it was still hard to build a platform in which people could trust.

Why is that?

Well, for one, many people stay within their comfort zone, and tend to choose the same realtor who maybe they have known for years. Or, they choose an agent who may be in their family. Some people may even choose their realtors based on the company for who they work under. However, many people do not know the many options that different realtors or companies have to offer.

The reason for why I bring this up is simply because some people do not know where to start. People fear the drama and stress behind selling or buying a home, but most importantly the stress in finding a Real Estate Agent.


Flash forward to September 2018,

The Global Homes Group has substantially grown. We have successfully expanded to Hoover, Alabama, and we are hoping to continue our expansion to other areas. Our now 13-man team includes 10 realtors and 3 administrators. Our administrative staff has tremendously helped to ensure a quality, professional, and positive experience for our clients. Because of this, we have been able to decrease the amount of wait time before help is provided. This meaning, never being put on hold, never putting problems aside, and always being a phone call away -at any time- for any question, concern, or professional advice. Our realtors, being a combination of listing and buyer’s agents, have years of professionalism behind them as well as help from mentors on the team with ample amounts of credible experience.


What we have to offer?

We are different than most businesses because we have so much to offer our clients! Unlike other competing agents, we have our own team website, which is a compile of many features: our team listings, featured listings, our preferred lender, a home evaluation, contact information for our team members, and (you guessed it) our blog! Every listing that we put into MLS, goes directly into our website and put into 94 other websites through Keller Williams, including and This is efficient in the selling process because it expands our listings to potential new home buyers. Along with this, we put all new listings on our social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, and we also run consistent advertisements on our listings so that they reach new viewers in hopes of generating previous or new leads.

 Our Team

The Global Homes Group is more than your average real estate business, we are a team! We strive for not just self-success, but team success. If one of us may be unreachable, then any one of us will be on stand-by to help you! Every client who chooses to be represented by one of our agents, will see the many characteristics that represent who we are. We are experienced, professional, hard-working, and determined to achieve success.

So now that we are familiar, choose The Global Homes Group for outstanding Real Estate service!