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Monday, January 21, 2019   /   by Global Marketing

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1. Amplify your homes outward appearance!

     This is important because in a buyer’s eyes, the first look is the most important! To do this, add planters, a new mulch, paint the front door, etc! Your homes Curb Appeal is very important!

2. Have your listing on online sites!

     At the Global Homes Group, your listing is not only put into Tuscaloosa MLS, but it is also put on our website, which then goes to 94 other websites through Keller Williams like Realtor.Com and Zillow! Your listing also should
 be promoted on Social Media Platforms, so that your friends, and friends of their friends can see that your home is for sale! However, at the Global Homes Group, we do all of this for you!

3. Make sure there is LOTS of quality pictures and videos of your listing!

     If you have unfocused, pixelated, and distorted pictures of your home, it may just scare buyers away! Hire a professional photographer to take the photos so that they are clean, professional, and attractive. However, if you list with the Global Homes Group, again, this is all taken care of for you!

Market information about life in your home!
     People love a good love story. Share with people what it is like to live in your home! Also tell people about the neighborhood amenities  pool, clubhouse, playground, golf course, etc! This makes your home moreappealing!

5. Declutter and Depersonalize!

      Before pictures or before a showing, remove family pictures, religious content. Also remove, furniture that crowds a space and heavily decorated areas!

6. Make the house easy to be shown!
    Be flexible so that more people are able to come see your home! Have your home accessible during the week, and weekend!

7.  Get animals out of home!

    Before your house can be shown, make sure to remove pets, pet hair, pet bowls, pet beds, etc! Buyers do not love other people’s animals. They especially don’t like animals to be in the house while they are trying to  picture themselves in your home!

8. Price it Right

    You may think to start the asking price high, and then eventually lower it. No, do not do this. This can lead to your home being on the market for a very long time. Right when you list your house is the best time for your house to get views and attention.