Our Seller’s Plan Means You Never Worry

Thursday, February 18, 2021   /   by Global Marketing

Our Seller’s Plan Means You Never Worry

The #1 reason people who want to sell their house but don’t is - worry.

This is not a trivial feeling and we take it very, very seriously here at Global Homes Group.

You worry about:

* Will
my home sell soon?
* Will I sell it for enough?
* What if I don’t have a place to move to?
* I can’t get stuck with 2 mortgage payments…
* Will a new house be too much?
* What if we can’t find something I can’t afford…
* Will I lose money if I sell?
* I can’t afford a down payment...
* Making 30 years of payments is scary…
* It’s 2021, I have enough to worry about!!!

Any of these reasons sound familiar?

If not, they’re familiar to us here at Global Homes Group because we hear these concerns every day from people who have reservations about selling their home.

We’re not trying to trivialize these worries; they’re all valid. They’re real and we understand you. We’re not saying we think any of them is wrong. We’re not saying what we do is easy and we have a magic pill to sell your house either.

(if only it were this easy)

What we are saying - we have a plan to successfully sell your home that removes most of the worry you might have in the home selling process.

Selling your home is more than a huge adventure and for a lot of folks, it’s downright scary. The worry of “what if…?” or “will it…?” - these 2 questions can be paralyzing.

And this is exactly why you need a plan. If you’ve ever had to do something without a plan, that pit you feel in your stomach, the anxiety you feel in the moment, it can stop you before you get started. 

In our business, all we want people to do is take 1 step. You don’t have to list and sell your house today, just listen to our plan on how we market a home. Let us tell you how we protect our clients with rock-solid contracts. Show you the current market trends. Review comparable homes to yours. That’s it, purely informative. No pressure to list and sell your house today, but you at least have more info on hand so you worry less at home.

(this is how we want you to feel)

And then after you have info, your questions have answers, any worry you have is addressed to your satisfaction, only then would we talk about the big step of selling your house. There are plenty of steps to take before listing and selling, we would love to review that info with you. As our client, we want your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed, and move at your speed.

Our Seller’s Plan is comprehensive - covering you fully and considers:
  • Key steps & processes
  • Information & market review
  • Comparison analysis
  • Timeline & blueprint for success
  • Getting you ready to list
  • Finding your next home
  • Listing and selling your house
  • Buying your next home
  • And ensure you are protected the whole time

The worries of - “I can’t be without a home and I can’t have 2 mortgages” - are valid. But our Seller’s Plan prevents both of these scenarios from ever happening. We cover you with contingencies so there is no sale without you being entirely ready.

(a plan that addresses your worries)

Our plan works towards getting max value for your home and selling it when it’s right for you. And then also making sure your new house closes when the time is right for you too. As our client, you don’t have to worry. We gladly take that right off you.

You always know where you are in the process, you stay informed from start to finish, we only start and progress when you are ready, we follow the plan, and make sure the details are right - for you. We love what we do because we get to serve people through this important process.

You see, with the Global Homes Group Seller’s Plan, you have a plan from start-to-finish. With our clients, most of the worry evaporates pretty quickly. What replaces that worry is knowledge and confidence. 

We are confident in our plan, we are confident in our abilities, and we are confident we will represent you in a way that accomplishes your goal while protecting your interests.

If you have questions about selling your home, the current market conditions, or want more info on our Seller’s Plan, just contact our office and one of our helpful and knowledgeable agents will gladly answer any question you have and address any worry that’s on your mind.


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