Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Tuesday, June 1, 2021   /   by Global Marketing

Summer Home Maintenance Tips

The kids are out of school, the weather is staying warmer (after one of the longest and coolest springs in Tuscaloosa history), and the days are getting longer. That means summer is here and there is some home maintenance you should consider. The heat is coming and with it can come some costs and wear-and-tear around the house - we wanted to offer some quick tips to help you in the summer months!
Summer Maintenance Tips Part Two: Inside Your Home | Best Pick Reports

  1. Get Your HVAC Professionally Inspected - Your HVAC is likely the biggest draw on your power bill each month, and it’s going to be a bigger part of it in the summer. Any unit that is operating in the Tuscaloosa area experiences some stress with the heat and humidity. That stress can lead to leaks in your system which means your unit has to work harder to condition the air. The harder it works, the more it runs, the higher your bill. But if you call one of the HVAC service companies in the Tuscaloosa area, they’ll send a certified tech to your home, check it from top to bottom, and advise you on any service needs or give you peace of mind you need knowing you’re in good shape. A new unit can cost over $5,000 so scheduled maintenance can help you from having to replace the whole unit. Just cleaning the unit (they have some foam cleaner that cleans deep inside the coils) helps it run more efficiently, and the more efficiently it can run on a 100-degree day, the less likely you are to have a $100 power bill!Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips | Service Champions
  2. Feed Your Lawn - Your grass needs nutrients to survive. In addition to watering your lawn, your grass needs the proper food so it can survive in the Alabama heat. Feed your lawn right now, your grass will absorb the nutrients and store some of it in their roots. Then when the weather gets scorching, your grass will draw on those stored nutrients and stay healthier in the really hot season. So get the fertilizer now, get it watered into your soil, so your grass can absorb it and store it - so it can use it later in June and July and August! Pro Tip - check the label on the fertilizer bag to make sure you’re getting the right fertilizer for your grass. Some are better for Centipede Grass, others are better for Bermuda (the 2 most popular around Tuscaloosa). Feel free to visit the Co-Op in Northport too, the folks working there can help you find exactly what you need if you don’t quite know what is best for your lawn.Tips On Feeding Lawns - How And When To Put Fertilizer On Lawn
  3. Clean Your Gutters - or - Get Your Gutters Cleaned (whichever is safer for you) - Now that all the leaves are green on trees, it means all the dead ones have really and truly and finally been pushed off the ends of a limb. Yes, 90% fall off in the fall, but some still remain until new spring growth pushes them off. And pine straw falls about 3x a year too. And with summer rains, you need to make sure your gutters are clear of debris that can clog them and back them up cause a mess around your house, or even water damage in your house. This is a job where you need to exercise extreme caution! If you are not comfortable on a ladder, hire this job out. Get a handyman service to clean your gutters, check local gutter service companies, but do NOT get on a ladder to maintain your gutters if you are not in physical shape to do it or comfortable doing it.Gutter Cleaning Tools | Rain Gutter Cleaning
  4. Check Exterior Door Seals - Weatherstripping - This is a super low-cost maintenance tip - check the gap between your door and the door jam. Do you see any light coming through (at night)? Do you feel any air moving through? Check the corners especially… If you’ve got light coming through you’ve got air coming through. If you can feel warm air coming in, you’re wasting energy costs. That foam strip that keeps the outside air - OUT - and the inside air - IN - is super easy to replace and very low cost. It can help keep your home cozy in the summer and right now is a great time to check your doors. You just peel the old, flattened seal out and press in new foamy seal strips. Here’s a quick video showing how simple this is.The Right Way to Weatherstrip a Door | Door weather stripping, Diy home  repair, Home maintenance
  5. Spray For Bugs - As the outside gets warmer, the outside bugs want to cool off! Now is a great time to spray around your house, doorways, porches, etc to prevent bugs from making your home - their home. While you’re getting those door seals, get some bug guard spray and give around your house a dose of bug killer and preventer. You’d be surprised how easy it is to utilize and how much area you can cover, and just how many bugs will stay away! Be sure to read the directions and follow all precautions. If you’re having problems with bugs on a porch or patio or deck, consider citronella candles or tiki torches. And if you want some more natural prevention, plant some lemongrass and rosemary - those are natural sources that bugs don’t like - and they make your patio and deck smell great!Knowing When And How to Spray for Bugs - Exclusive Pest Control

We hope this helps you keep your home cozy and more comfortable during a Tuscaloosa summer. The heat is coming so if you can get ahead on your yard and home, it will make things easier than when the triple digits hit.

And as always, if you have questions about home and property buying and selling just let our team know - we’d love to catch up. No hassle, no obligation, ever. 

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