Texas & Alabama | Kayley Hudson

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Texas & Alabama | Kayley Hudson

Texas & Alabama | A Unicorn Story | Meet Kayley Hudson

It’s not every day you meet a unicorn. Not a real unicorn, but a figurative one.

You see, Kayley Hudson is just such a unicorn. She might be the only person on the planet with a college student and college sports attendance story like we’ll share here.

So sit back, take a minute, and read a story about one of our team members you’ll likely never hear again - this is Kayley Hudson, The Unicorn Story.

Kayley grew up in Tuscaloosa, knows every nook and cranny of the area, every restaurant and neighborhood. She attended Tuscaloosa County High School - that is until a very cool turn of events happened where she moved to Texas with her mom, for her final year of high school.

That’s right - imagine growing up in Tuscaloosa your whole life, all the family you know is here, you’ve got 17 years of memories and just before you start your senior year of high school @ County HIgh - you move 3 states away. WOWZA!!!

(we told you, she’s a unicorn)

That’s where this story picks up - Kayley said goodbye to Tuscaloosa, a lifetime of friends, pretty much everything she knew especially her local family - to set out on an adventure of a lifetime by moving to Texas for her senior year of high school. 

She moved to Atascocia, TX where she enrolled for her senior year at Humble High School. She made new friends, had a fun senior year, enjoyed getting to spend time with her mom (remember, all her family is back in Tuscaloosa) - and because she was technically a Texas resident now - she qualified for in-state tuition at The University of Texas @ Austin! (Hook Em!) 

You know, THAT Texas school… Hold that thought.

While she attended college @ UTexas, she was a student the year Vince Young lead the Longhorns to victory over the USC Trojans in the Rose bowl, one of the greatest games in college football history.

Pretty cool story so far, right? From Tuscaloosa to Texas, and to Austin as a student seeing the Longhorns win a legendary National Championship - heckuva story.

But the unicorn story isn’t done just yet, not even close.

Kayley didn’t get to finish college at Texas, she spent 3 years at UT Austin. 

Momma didn’t call her like she called Bear Bryant home to Tuscaloosa, but Kayley headed back to Tuscaloosa. She took a little time off from college after returning home, got resettled into life pretty quickly in Tuscaloosa, and when she enrolled at the University of Albama, Nick Saban had the Crimson Tide headed to Pasadena to play in the Rose Bowl against - you know it - Kayley’s former school the Texas Longhorns!

So at this point, Kayley has grown up in Tuscaloosa, moved to Texas on the adventure of a lifetime, was a student at UT (not Tennessee), sees them win a timeless National Championship, moves back to Tuscaloosa, enrolls @ UA after a little break, and is sitting on the doorstep of being a student at 2 different schools who played in the National Championship Game when her current school is playing her former school!

WOW that’s a mouthful, hope you followed...

And we all know how that game ends, Texas fans still whine, “If Colt hadn’t gotten hurt…” Roll Tide anyway.

Kayley has to be the only person on the planet to attend UT Austin as a student, see them win a National Championship.


Attend UA as a student and see them win a National Championship.


Both games were played in the Rose Bowl.

She might be the only person to see their school win a NC, then enroll somewhere else and see their former school lose to their current school, in the same stadium.

We told you, she’s kind of a unicorn! We doubt you’ll ever meet anybody with quite the same college football and college student story. It’s really amazing to see how her journey started here in Tuscaloosa, took her to Texas, brought her back, and in between she got to be a student at 2 universities seeing them win National Championships in the Rose Bowl.

Fast forward today, Kayley is a loving mother to her beautiful daughter Hallie, loving wife to her husband Steven, and they’re expecting a boy (Walker Charles Hudson). She works so hard for all of her clients, helping them find the perfect home and ensures all the details are taken care of, every time. If you have questions about Tuscaloosa or life in West Central Alabama, or maybe her amazing story, she’d love to catch up with you.


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