Three Ways to Find Your Dream Neighborhood

Wednesday, January 23, 2019   /   by Global Marketing

Three Ways to Find Your Dream Neighborhood

It can be tough searching for your perfect home, especially when you are also looking for the perfect neighborhood. How do you know which neighborhood is right for you?


Here are three ways that we'll work together to find the neighborhood of your dreams:

  1. Each neighborhood has their own personality. The best way to discover the neighborhood is to visit and walk around. There are well established communities with unique architecture to newer, more modern subdivisions. Taking a few minutes to cruise around before looking at a potential home gives you an idea if the neighborhood meets your needs.
  2. Calculate your commute. It is crucial to take into account travel time to and from your workplace. Knowing the distance and time to your work can play a huge factor in finding your home. Consider an amount of time that you are comfortable traveling everyday. If public transportation is important, look at homes that are in close proximity to transit stations.
  3. Know the amenities. Community pools, jogging paths, parks and other outdoor amenities may be available in certain neighborhoods. Golf courses, recreation centers, libraries or other facilities could also be important when deciding on a potential community. Take a moment to consider the activities your family enjoys. Finding a neighborhood that matches up with your family's lifestyle is important!

By Carol Ann Underwood

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