Why Global Homes Group? From our agents...

Monday, August 23, 2021   /   by Global Marketing

Why Global Homes Group? From our agents...

We asked our agents, “Why choose Global Homes Group?”

They’re not just caring real estate experts, they’re client relations experts. They’re the front lines of Global Homes Group in the real estate industry and we wanted to know what people are telling them are the reasons why they selected a Global Homes Group agent?

The answers to this important question were much more personal than we expected…


“They chose me because they’d heard about ‘off-market’ opportunities. They didn’t see what they liked online, they didn’t like anything they’d try to find on their own, so they reached out to see if I had any sellers that were interested but not listed yet.”

What’s interesting here is - Global Homes Group agents know plenty of people looking to sell who aren’t fully committed to sell unless there is a hot buyer. (who likes to wait?!) The good news is we have a team of agents and all of their buyers, so naturally we’re able to help sell the property for our client quickly. And we have other clients considering selling that are ready to move when they know of a buyer opportunity. We don’t just sell homes that are listed, we help connect people wanting to sell quickly to people who are in-market to buy.

“They chose me because the realtor they used when they bought their house never, ever communicated with them. They said from the moment the other agent listed it, they never heard from her and felt totally disconnected. A mutual friend from church introduced us, they shared their story with me, and I assured them that I would stay in regular communication with them and they’d also get other info from my team. I just sold their home, helped them buy their new one, and they said they couldn’t imagine a better friend to work with!”

You want someone who is on your side and keeps you informed of what’s happening AND what’s going to happen. Our team is not fortune tellers, they’re experienced - so they know what’s going to happen next and they want you to be informed. Real estate is not a set-it-and-forget-it relationship. For Global Homes Group, it’s ongoing not just during transaction periods but also for years to come. Some of our dearest friends are our clients and that attitude of genuine friendship is something that makes Global Homes Group so speical.


“They chose me for the people I work with. (YEP!) I’ve worked with this client for years but they said it was the team at Global Homes Group that was the biggest difference-maker between us and other groups. They said it was all of our agents who were helpful and your staff and coordinators really make the experience so wonderful.”

They say it takes a village to raise a child (it does!) and we say it takes a team to serve a buyer or seller. When you work with Global Homes Group, you will have a world-class real estate professional on your side, caring for your interests. And you will have the very best transaction coordinators backing you so that this important transition in your life happens smoothly. Our team is the very best you’ll find at providing you with fantastic service through the entire transaction period.

“They wanted to work with Global Homes Group because they had heard we price homes honestly. They’d had other agents price their home, they’d looked at Zestimates, and they didn’t feel comfortable with any of the information. Thankfully, I was able to show them more accurate information and show them why the price I shared would be ideal for them. It worked out great because we got their home under contract in less than 3 days!”

Pricing a home is a delicate balance of current market conditions and seasonal changes. It requires knowledge of the banking industry, geography, topography, and even insurance. There are local influences that can impact the price and value of a home - these are just a few that sources like Zillow fail to consider. And it’s just the beginning of the list we use to provide you with an accurate sale price for your property. 


“Some recent clients told me that they heard and felt that Global Homes Group was relatable! That’s the word they used. They felt they could talk to me and I’d listen even after our first meeting, which wasn’t the feeling they got from other realtors and teams in the area. It was nice to hear them say we’re an open, honest, and caring organization - no matter the property or location.”

Our team doesn’t care where you live or your financial situation - we just care about you. We are known as a caring team and that will never change. We’ve helped countless first-time home buyers, we’ve helped people navigate getting their credit restored, we’ve helped clients through job loss and find bigger houses because of growing families - all because we care. We live to serve you, your family, and help you on your journey as best we can.

We hope these reasons have helped you better understand why our clients have chosen Global Homes Group. We are proud of the culture we have and our team, how hard they work, and their continued commitment to helping and serving others.

If you have questions about real estate, property, or just want to speak with someone on our team - give us a call at 205-861-0555.



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