You Have 4 Options After You Sell - Besides Buying Another House

Wednesday, August 4, 2021   /   by Global Marketing

You Have 4 Options After You Sell - Besides Buying Another House

Today we’re talking about what you can do as a seller, worried you won’t have somewhere to go after selling your home. Sound familiar? We thought so and you are not alone!

When we talk to people considering the listing of their home, their #1 fear is, “Where will we go?!?” They see their kids in school, they see all their possessions in their home, they have memories there, and what families do NOT want to do is sell their home quickly and have nowhere to go.

Can you imagine the stress and worry?!? You’ve sold your home in a seller’s market so you got top dollar, it sold quickly, and now you’re on the hunt for a place in the same school zone and you’d like to cash in the equity and appreciation on the home you just sold.

But there’s nothing you like in the price range you selected, so you have to use all the equity and appreciation for the next home, which kind of puts you right back where you started. So why go through the hassle?

We totally and completely agree with you and we understand.

That’s why at Global Homes Group, we have options when we plan a listing and sale with our clients. We don’t just find a way to sell your home, get top dollar, and wish you well. 

No, we consider what we call The Full Life of The Client. This is what we mean - day 1 after the sale, what does that look like for you? If it means you’d be homeless (just sold a house, nowhere to go) then we haven’t done our job of looking out for your interests. If we are simply focused on a sale, then we’re failing as real estate agents. We plan everything with your life after selling in mind.

Global Homes Group provides our clients with multiple safety-net options when you list your home with us so that you aren’t left in a difficult or challenging situation. Here are just a couple of examples of how we look out for our Selling Clients:

  • Contingency - We write the contract specifically to protect you, so that you only close and sell after you find what you’re looking for next and get a contract for that property. This protects you, your family, your future from the terrible situation of selling your home and having nowhere to go! The Contingency Clause we write in your contract will keep you right where you’re living, eating, and sleeping while you’re searching for the next home. That’s right, you have a contract to sell, but don’t have to leave until we find you your next home. This gives you the flexibility and peace of mind you’re looking for!

  • Rent - Yes, rent. We write contracts as well where the seller (you) would short-term rent from the new owner. Here’s the scenario - if by close date you haven’t found the house you’re looking for, you just pay them rent and stay right there. This means your house is sold, you’ve got your appreciation and equity in the bank, but you get to live in your home a few more weeks or a month or two until we find you that perfect home. It’s a temporary situation, you get to cash in on selling your home in a red hot market, and you have the flexibility to move later when we’ve found you the perfect home!

  • Sell, Store, Move - This option has been more popular recently. People are selling their homes, having living estate sales, putting the remaining items in storage, and either renting a small apartment short-term or moving in with family temporarily. They want to close out on selling their home, cash in their equity, not risk losing the deal because of delays or market changes, and they don’t want to rent so we work with them to find temporary solutions. Then, when the perfect home at the perfect price hits the market, we swoop in and get your deal done. You’ll be in a more advantageous position with your offer because it won’t come with a Contingency to sell your existing home!

  • Live Anywhere - AirBNB. This is a new one but one we’re definitely presenting to clients. And with lots of businesses moving to remote staffing, it’s only going to get more popular. Suppose we list your home, it sells for top dollar quickly, hooray! But what’s next? Remember the fear people are feeling about listing and selling? Here’s a huge idea with tons of fun and adventure - people are choosing to do things they wouldn’t normally do like put most everything they own in storage, after having a massive moving sale, finding a long term AirBNB deal, and living in a part of the country they’ve always wanted to live. Think - beach condo for 3 months. Maybe a mountain cabin. Or a big city apartment. These are all places you can go live and work - not just visit for vacation. Thanks to Zoom and virtual workforces now, you can sell your home today and depending on your vocation and employer, live anywhere you want. Take your equity, put it in the bank, move to the city of your dreams, stay there for a little while to see how living there suits you, and if you want to come back to Tuscaloosa later we’re right here to help you find a new home. And if you want to move and stay there, we have a huge Keller Williams network of referral agents all across the country too!

So there you have it, some great options to protect you and your family after you sell. 

Yes, we would love the opportunity to get to know you, hear about your goals and dreams. And if possible work with you, list, and sell your home! 

But only if there are safe and secure options in place for you. All of our agents think this way and we look out for our clients this way too. We want you to have confidence and peace of mind throughout the whole journey.

Contact us and see how you can cash in on selling your home in a hot, buyer’s market. We’re confident we’ve got options and ideas so you’re not left with nowhere to go!


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