Your 5 Reasons Local Realtors Help More

Sunday, January 30, 2022   /   by Global Marketing

Your 5 Reasons Local Realtors Help More

Check out this story where we helped a local homeowner - you’ll see exactly why using a Local Realtor is important for you, your family, your goals, and your home/property. 

Nicole Free just joined Global Homes Group in January 2022 after being an independent agent with Keller Williams, Tuscaloosa for about 2 years. (Full introductory post coming soon but this story where she helped a Tuscaloosa client has to be told right now) 

This client came to Global Homes Group and Nicole after using a family member who is a real estate agent in Birmingham to list a home. Their thinking was - it didn’t matter where the listing realtor lived because this market is selling homes so fast.

Because of their thinking - and thinking to list with a Birmingham-based family member agent - their 3BR/2BA home sat empty and unsold for 90 days in a market where that type of home should sell quickly and for top dollar.

(they were losing money with it not selling)

The homeowners were:
  • Frustrated their home hadn’t sold
  • Angry they had made 3 mortgage payments, no return
  • Disappointed in the advice from a family member agent
  • Open to fresh ideas

Fast-forward to the end of the story with Nicole’s help and advice

  • She shared with the family her plan for their home
  • They got the home ready for listing
  • They put a strategic plan to sell into action
  • They had multiple offers and the home under contract within 24 hours

Great job Nicole helping these clients achieve their goals so quickly!

Here Are 5 Reasons Local Realtors Help You More 

  1. You Can Meet Them Face To Face. That’s important because buying and selling a home is so complicated. You’re not buying an item on Craigslist, this is a home/property with banks involved, contracts, and court records that have to be updated. What about inspections? What about appraisals? What about liens on the property? What about mortgage ideas and options? Is the property situated as it’s described legally? These are all topics we cover with our clients - face to face - to settle their nerves and put their minds at ease. If you use an out-of-town agent you might run into some trouble like these clients experienced.

  2. Local Agents Know Local Buyers. At Global Homes Group, we have an entire team of agents who are working with buyers - so there is a very good chance our team agents are already working with buyers looking for a property you’re selling. That means in a text message to our team, your agent can determine the market demand for your property. Then, when we list your property it is made available to the entire local market as well. If you use an out-of-town agent, they likely don’t know the local buyers and investors like local agents do.

  3. Local Agents Know The Local Market. This seems like a no-brainer to us but we still have new clients that think any agent knows all the market info. You’d be stunned at the agents from California, Nashville, Birmingham, etc. that we talk to who have no idea the details we share. Pricing, neighborhoods, recent trends, school zones, buyer wants, even restaurants and contractors for repairs, etc. You don’t know that info if you don’t live here. If you use an out-of-town agent, they could list your home with no offers or showings for 90 days, like Nicole just helped.

  4. Local Agents Know Local Lenders. Just like meeting face to face with your real estate agent, it may be good to meet face to face with your lender. We know tons of local lenders and our advice to our clients is to sit down with them, meet with them, go over your goals, financial situation, budget, etc. A total financial review can save you a lot of money before you close AND in the long term of a mortgage. If you use an out-of-town agent, they may not know banking and lender contacts in the community who know about local trends too.

  5. Local Agents Know Local Repair Services. Our agents have a long list of reputable repair companies that operate locally for any possible need. This means any issue with a property can be inspected, estimated, addressed, and fixed/corrected quickly. If the first company we suggest isn’t available, we know some more to get the job done for you. An out-of-town agent might not have an idea of companies that can help quickly, do great work, at great rates too.

If you’ve thought about buying or selling property, we hope this gives you some advice to evaluate your agent or team. 

And if you have questions about the process, our plan, the local market, lending, repairs - please let us know and our team will gladly answer any question you have.

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