Meet Nicole Free - Global Homes Group's Latest Agent

Wednesday, February 23, 2022   /   by Global Marketing

Meet Nicole Free - Global Homes Group's Latest Agent

The 3 most important words in Real Estate are:

But there is 1 word that matters with Your Real Estate Agent:

And that's exactly what you get with Nicole Free.

Nicole is a graduate of Hillcrest High School and has lived in the Taylorville / 69 South area of Tuscaloosa her entire life.

Not only is she a Hillcrest Patriot, but so is her daughter Colby who is a Crimsonette.

And her son who plays baseball for the Hillcrest Patriots.

Remember what we said about Local? 

Find you a Realtor who not only knows the area or the business but find a Realtor who is part of the community, who is from the community - someone like Nicole Free. Someone from the area will simply know more and it will matter to them more.

Nicole joined Global Homes Group in January 2022 after being a successful independent Keller-Williams agent here in the Tuscaloosa metro area. She was looking to grow her Real Estate career, wanted to join a family-focused team, and thankfully she chose to join Global Homes Group.

Nicole has always been great with numbers (she actually kept the accounting books for 2 different businesses) which played right into a business like Real Estate where numbers matter tremendously. Details matter in bookkeeping and they certainly do in Real Estate. 

Some proof in Nicole’s abilities - she was the ONLY person in her Real Estate class to pass her real estate exam! You can count on her to not just do her best, but to succeed.

So when you combine the fact she grew up here, has a family here, and has a career here - with the fact she’s great with details and numbers - top that off with a kind, caring, joyful personality and you can count on Nicole to help you with any real estate question. It doesn’t matter if you need the name of a lender or a restaurant recommendation - a Local real estate agent matters more.

And if you want a Local real estate agent who also has perspective from outside Tuscaloosa - you get that with Nicole. 

In the 5 years her daughter Colby has been a Crimsonette, Nicole never missed an Alabama football game where the Crimsonettes performed. Think about all the cities where Alabama football has traveled in 5 years - Dallas, Atlanta (a lot), Indianapolis, Orlando, New Orleans - in addition to all the regular-season road games. And there was Nicole, cheering for Alabama, and cheering for Colby. 

With Colby’s Crimsonette career winding down, she’ll focus on attending Hillcrest Patriot baseball games supporting her son Colson. He’s got a couple of seasons left to play before he joins his mother and sister as a Hillcrest High School graduate. Watching those home games will put her watching games on Patriot Parkway and then following the team on the road throughout west-central Alabama.

So if you’ve got questions about real estate in the Tuscaloosa area, or what life is like with 2 incredibly successful kids - give Nicole a call or shoot her a text. She will gladly help you in any way possible and you can count on her to provide you with caring, timely, and helpful info.


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