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Tuesday, May 18, 2021   /   by Global Marketing

You've Found THE Home - Now What?

If you’re like millions of people every day, you find THE House for you and your family but don’t have a good idea what to do next. You scroll through or (for better local results) and you look at house after house. You get the alerts showing you what’s just hit the market for what you want, enticing you to make a move or inquire.

And then about 1,000 things go through your mind and you don’t quite know where to start…

Sound familiar? Find the perfect house, but then you think about your house, financing, credit, packing, is that backyard really big enough for the kids and the dog?

We totally understand. We talk with clients every day with the same questions - so know you are not alone and there is help!

The goal of this article - maybe you just narrow down some next steps a little and you can find some comfort towards getting moving towards that new home.


COMPARE - Comp ...

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Thursday, October 22, 2020   /   by Global Marketing

Parents - Your Kids Won’t Get Christmas 2020

This isn’t a public service announcement, this is a sure-enough fact.

Your kids will not get Christmas presents if you don’t buy them before Thanksgiving, 2020.

Now that we have your attention you should keep reading.

Here’s Why: The things we want to buy aren’t necessarily available and there isn’t a timeline when they’ll be ready. 

There is no consistency in the supply of things we want to buy. This applies to online and in-store buying. It’s hit or miss in 2020.

So prepare yourself and your family - the things we will want to buy in December very well won’t be available if you don’t buy them in advance.

Heads Up

You need to get your Christmas shopping DONE before Thanksgiving. 

Or this will be you...

Want Proof?

Have you seen the paper towel section at the grocery store?

Can you buy Lysol wipes yet?

Remember the meat shortage earlier this year?

We won’t even go near the run; ...

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020   /   by Global Marketing

Welcome Home, Colby Mouchette - New Agent

Welcome Home, Colby Mouchette - New Agent

It’s been said that healthy things grow, and the Global Homes Team is growing again! We want to officially welcome Colby Mouchette to the Global Homes Group family. 

Colby brings a lifetime of local Tuscaloosa knowledge to our team, in addition to a wealth of true care for others.

Successful Agent Formula

Local Experience + Care for People = Success

Born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Colby graduated from Hillcrest High School. He continued on to the University of Alabama and graduated with a degree in Business Management. After enjoying a season of work with his family’s business, Colby felt led to a career in ministry that spanned over a decade. Colby married his lovely high school sweetheart Kathryn, and they have four beautiful children: Lucy (10), Annie Ruth (8), Hazel (6), and Lewis (3).

Colby’s face may be familiar from his years on staff at Alberta Baptist Church. When Tuscaloosa was impacted by t ...

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Saturday, September 19, 2020   /   by Global Marketing

Back To School - Checklist For Moms

Back To School - Checklist For Moms

Some parents are sending their kids back to school (in person) for the first time since March. We’re not here to debate the should-they / shouldn’t they - we’re always here to help families.

So we wanted to put some info together for the moms who are going to have a little more silence in their homes or maybe a little less worry when they’re at work. The moms who have been pulling double or triple duty, pouring their energies into their kids in new ways for a while. Yes, we know plenty of dads have been helping their children and sacrificing, but this is for the moms!

Say the words with me - Treat Yo Self!

You deserve a treat, could be big or small, but you deserve it.

Go get coffee at your favorite coffee shop (mmmmmmmmmmmm, Heritage House) or get a pedicure (you want that Bubblebath or Funny Bunny by OPI color), maybe it’s a trip to Target or the grocery store without kids in tow. Think o; ...

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Thursday, September 10, 2020   /   by Global Marketing

Hey Parents - 7 Virtual School Tips

DISCLAIMER :-) We're not here to make education policy or offer opinions, we're not teachers or educators or education staff - we help people buy and sell property.  We know that all this craziness will pass one day too, we're looking forward to it.

In the meantime, a lot of families are struggling to conquer virtual schooling. We wanted to provide a list of helpful tips for any family that's doing their best in this trying time.

100% Positive. The power of positive thinking is a powerful thing, but the power of positive words is can change lives. Yes, you're frustrated. You're having to sit and help your child learn and you're struggling with it all. Remember, your kid is too and they will amplify your positivity or negativity. So if you're bashing the system, they'll think they're set up for failure. But if you can only encourage them, only talk about how great they're doing, it lessons the burden on them in this season. So if you've got something negative on your tongue, . ...