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Sunday, January 30, 2022   /   by Global Marketing

Your 5 Reasons Local Realtors Help More

Check out this story where we helped a local homeowner - you’ll see exactly why using a Local Realtor is important for you, your family, your goals, and your home/property. 

Nicole Free just joined Global Homes Group in January 2022 after being an independent agent with Keller Williams, Tuscaloosa for about 2 years. (Full introductory post coming soon but this story where she helped a Tuscaloosa client has to be told right now) 

This client came to Global Homes Group and Nicole after using a family member who is a real estate agent in Birmingham to list a home. Their thinking was - it didn’t matter where the listing realtor lived because this market is selling homes so fast.

Because of their thinking - and thinking to list with a Birmingham-based family member agent - their 3BR/2BA home sat empty and unsold for 90 days in a market where that type of home should sell quickly and for top dollar.

(they were losing money with it not selling)
The homeo. ...

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Thursday, June 24, 2021   /   by Global Marketing

3 Tips For Your Better Lawn - MADE SIMPLE

Taking care of your lawn in the summer is tough enough. There's the baking sun, the choking humidity, mosquitos like bats, and gnats that blind you. On top of that, your grass gets parched and there are more weeds than grass. 
These 3 simple steps will get you on the path to a beautiful green lawn without a ton of blood, sweat, or tears - and you don't have to spend a fortune. Be sure to check the infographic down below, if you'd like a download of it, here's a link for you too!

STEP 1 - Declare War On Weeds
You read that correctly, you have to go to war and be ready to win, against weeds. You need to kill every weed so that your grass has room to grow. Weeds soak up water, nutrients, and sunlight that otherwise would be used by your grass. So in effect, weeds are stealing from you by robbing your grass of the much-needed elements for survival. So you owe to your grass to save it from the invasive weeds that are residing on your property. All you need is a weed killer - NOT A ...

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Wednesday, December 16, 2020   /   by Global Marketing

Save Money - Keep The Cold Outside

Save Money - Keep The Cold Outside

Each year, Mother Nature robs you. She changes the weather from the blistering Tuscaloosa summers into about 2-3 weeks of wonderful autumn temperatures, only to flip the script again and send rain and cold for winter. It’s an annual cycle and if you’re not careful you’re likely letting some of that cold into your house and it’s costing you money.

Here are some helpful tips, some from local experts, that will help keep the cold out, keep your home warmer, and ultimately save you money.

Check Your Exterior Doors

The exterior doors are where you’ll lose a lot of your warmed air right now. When you go outside to check the mail or pick up an Amazon package, all that cold rushes in. But when you close it, you’re not done keeping the cold out like you think.

With the door closed, take the back of your hand and place it along the door jam, right where your door and trim meet. Move it slowly over the full ed; ...

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Thursday, October 22, 2020   /   by Global Marketing

Parents - Your Kids Won’t Get Christmas 2020

This isn’t a public service announcement, this is a sure-enough fact.

Your kids will not get Christmas presents if you don’t buy them before Thanksgiving, 2020.

Now that we have your attention you should keep reading.

Here’s Why: The things we want to buy aren’t necessarily available and there isn’t a timeline when they’ll be ready. 

There is no consistency in the supply of things we want to buy. This applies to online and in-store buying. It’s hit or miss in 2020.

So prepare yourself and your family - the things we will want to buy in December very well won’t be available if you don’t buy them in advance.

Heads Up

You need to get your Christmas shopping DONE before Thanksgiving. 

Or this will be you...

Want Proof?

Have you seen the paper towel section at the grocery store?

Can you buy Lysol wipes yet?

Remember the meat shortage earlier this year?

We won’t even go near the run; ...

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Saturday, September 19, 2020   /   by Global Marketing

Back To School - Checklist For Moms

Back To School - Checklist For Moms

Some parents are sending their kids back to school (in person) for the first time since March. We’re not here to debate the should-they / shouldn’t they - we’re always here to help families.

So we wanted to put some info together for the moms who are going to have a little more silence in their homes or maybe a little less worry when they’re at work. The moms who have been pulling double or triple duty, pouring their energies into their kids in new ways for a while. Yes, we know plenty of dads have been helping their children and sacrificing, but this is for the moms!

Say the words with me - Treat Yo Self!

You deserve a treat, could be big or small, but you deserve it.

Go get coffee at your favorite coffee shop (mmmmmmmmmmmm, Heritage House) or get a pedicure (you want that Bubblebath or Funny Bunny by OPI color), maybe it’s a trip to Target or the grocery store without kids in tow. Think o; ...

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