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Wednesday, January 23, 2019   /   by Global Marketing

Three Ways to Find Your Dream Neighborhood

It can be tough searching for your perfect home, especially when you are also looking for the perfect neighborhood. How do you know which neighborhood is right for you?

Here are three ways that we'll work together to find the neighborhood of your dreams:

Each neighborhood has their own personality. The best way to discover the neighborhood is to visit and walk around. There are well established communities with unique architecture to newer, more modern subdivisions. Taking a few minutes to cruise around before looking at a potential home gives you an idea if the neighborhood meets your needs.
Calculate your commute. It is crucial to take into account travel time to and from your workplace. Knowing the distance and time to your work can play a huge factor in finding your home. Consider an amount of time that you are comfortable traveling everyday. If public transportation is important, look at homes that are in close proximity to transit stations.
Know the amenities. Commud ...

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Monday, January 21, 2019   /   by Global Marketing

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1. Amplify your homes outward appearance!

     This is important because in a buyer’s eyes, the first look is the most important! To do this, add planters, a new mulch, paint the front door, etc! Your homes Curb Appeal is very important!

2. Have your listing on online sites!
     At the Global Homes Group, your listing is not only put into Tuscaloosa MLS, but it is also put on our website, which then goes to 94 other websites through Keller Williams like Realtor.Com and Zillow! Your listing also should be promoted on Social Media Platforms, so that your friends, and friends of their friends can see that your home is for sale! However, at the Global Homes Group, we do all of this for you!
3. Make sure there is LOTS of quality pictures and videos of your listing!

     If you have unfocused, pixelated, and distorted pictures of your home, it may just scare buyers away! Hire a professional photographer to take the photos so that they are clean, professional, and attractive. However, if   ...

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Monday, January 21, 2019   /   by Global Marketing

Global Homes Group Real Estate Blog

Why is it so hard to choose a realtor you may not personally know?
A little over a year ago, when the Global Homes Group of Keller Williams Tuscaloosa came into existence, it was initially hard to establish a name in which people could recognize. Of course, people knew the few realtors we had at the time, Jeremy Dobbs, Adam Beams, and Britt Payne, but it was still hard to build a platform in which people could trust.

Why is that?
Well, for one, many people stay within their comfort zone, and tend to choose the same realtor who maybe they have known for years. Or, they choose an agent who may be in their family. Some people may even choose their realtors based on the company for who they work under. However, many people do not know the many options that different realtors or companies have to offer.
The reason for why I bring this up is simply because some people do not know where to start. People fear the drama and stress behind selling or buying a home, but most importantly the stres! ...

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